You are currently viewing With IceBattery® Fresh product, it supports avoiding heat stroke during sports

With IceBattery® Fresh product, it supports avoiding heat stroke during sports

ITE Co., Ltd. Today (July 1, 2019) begins to sell and evangelize new products, named “IceBattery® fresh”, as well as the series of “IceBattery® Gemba” cool jacket, collaborating with mid-sized companies in Osaka and well-known high school for Rugby club.  The IceBattery® fresh lasts the coldness for 2-4 hours by using the technology of IceBattery® which is already adopted in medical transportation and distribution.

July, 1. 2019

  Innovation Thru Energy Co., Ltd.(CEO Pankaj Garg, Tokyo, Japan, “ITE” below)  today announces to take advantage of IceBattery® technologies which have been adopted in Medical cold-chain transportation and to sell and evangelize the new products “IceBattery® fresh” for avoiding heat strokes and sport icing.  “IceBattery® fresh” could last the coldness (approx. 2-4 hours) which you can bring to the sport club or ball packs and stadiums to watch games.  At the same time, IceBattery® based Cool Jacket, in the series of “IceBattery® Gemba” products, will be used for avoiding heat strokes. New Products we announce today are; Portable icing “IceBattery® fresh”  IceBattery®Freshと専用保冷バックDesignated cooler bag “IceBattery® cool bag”  designated refrigerant “IceBattery® mini”

Please be reminded B® Cool Jacket announced last summer, 2018, is compliment to avoid heat strokes and cooling the sports players, coaches, parents, and friends.

Challenges to solve: According to National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) on social challenges, heat stroke is the highest rate, 30%,  of happening among junior and high school students during exercising.   The number of death from the heat stroke is No.1 among Baseball, and the rate of death is No.1 Rugby.  The main case of heat stroke is sudden body temp. raise and deterioration of autonomic nervous function cased by dehydration.  At the site of exercise and games, it is commonly used to provide plenty of water and sport drinks to avoid dehydration, but it has not been found a good way to avoid raising the body temp. during practice and games. Challenge to no death incidents: It would be ideal to use Icing method during practice to avoid raising body temp and thus avoiding heat strokes.  Through verification of the effect, we will evangelize the use of icing to the practice / game sites in nation wide to collaborate with the educational groups and clubs which wish Zero incidents. ITE has many tracking records in low temp, cold-chain transportation business which requires high quality temp. management in medical and food industries. CEO Garg , as well known as an innovator, is from India, who has come to Japan in 1988.  Since then, he has worked for Koke Steel Ltd., Yasukawa Electric Corp., and Intel.  He has founded ITE in 2007. As his educational background, he graduated from Indian University, majoring Information Technology.  He has MBA degree from American Fox Business School. He is fluent in Japanese.