IceBattery® Technology

IceBattery® technology is a great way to ship things like food, medicine, and other products that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Instead of using dry ice, which can be expensive and hard to find, IceBattery® technology can keep things at the right temperature for longer. This means less waste and longer shelf life for things like dairy, vaccines, and medicine.

Using IceBattery® technology can also help people who don’t have enough food to eat. By keeping food at the right temperature while it’s being transported and stored, more food can be saved and sent to people who need it.

Overall, IceBattery® technology is a smart and innovative solution that can help with food waste and make sure that people have enough to eat.

Our Solution

Multiple Temperature

Maintain constant and multiple temperatures for extended periods.

All Modes

Support land, air, rail, sea and last mile delivery.


Facilitate the traceability of all logistics parameters.


Environmental Friendly, Renewable & CO2 Reduction.

IceBattery Insulation

Solution for Fire Safety, Climate Resilience, and Energy Efficiency

IceBattery® Scaleability

IceBattery® preservation system (IBPS) is a versatile solution that serves all modes of transportation, meeting the unique requirements of the food, science, retail, and medical industries. With a proven track record, it ensures efficient and dependable cold chain logistics. IBPS sets itself apart by offering real-time temperature and location tracking, empowering you with valuable insights for optimal logistics management. By combining sustainability and cutting-edge technology, it delivers eco-friendly and globally connected cold chain solutions.

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