Consumer Product

IceBattery® Fresh

  • The IceBattery Fresh® maintains a temperature of 15°C for up to 3 hours, even in hot ambient conditions of 35°C.

  • It is a versatile solution that offers assistance for various purposes, including fever relief, sports icing, and heat stroke prevention.

  • Place the IceBattery Fresh in the included storage pouch to prolong its cooling and make it easy to carry around!

By cooling the AVA blood vessels in the palms of the hands at around 15°C, the entire body cools down efficiently (lowering the deep body temperature).
Since people fall asleep more easily when their deep body temperature drops, using Icebattery Fresh® after taking a bath helps create a habit that leads to a “stoned” and deep sleep, which enhances the quality of the first 90 golden minutes of sleep.

Experience the Jet/Roller Coaster Sleep:

  • Bath in lukewarm water (40°C) for 15 minutes.
  • Relax for about 1 hour (30 minutes in winter).
  • Place an IceBattery fresh on your palms on the bed and sleep with deep breathing.

IceBattery® Cool Jacket

  • IceBattery® Cool Jacket effectively maintains a consistent low temperature (20°C ~ 25°C) for more than 4 hours, even in high external temperatures reaching 30°C.

  • It is designed as a unisex, one-size-fits-all.

  • It is lightweight, weighing only 870 grams, making it comfortable to wear.

  • The IceBattery® cool can be conveniently frozen using a standard household refrigerator, making it reusable for multiple applications.

IceBattery® Cool Mat

IceBattery Cool Mat
  • The IceBattery® Cool Mat is designed to maintain a temperature below 28°C for up to 4 hours, even in high external temperatures of 40°C.

  • It ensures a comfortable experience for your dog as it effectively prevents water droplets from forming, enhancing their comfort.

  • It features a washable cover, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • The cooling IceBattery® of the Cool Mat is detachable and can be adjusted to accommodate the size and needs of your dog, ensuring a perfect fit.

  • The versatility of the IceBattery® Cool Mat allows you to use it independently in various settings, including your room, café, or even your car.

IceBattery® Cool Pet Backpack

IceBattery Pet Backpack
  • The IceBattery® Cool Pet Backpack is a convenient solution for outings and excursions with your pet, offering a portable and comfortable cooling experience.

  • It can easily transforms into a cozy and convenient pet house, thanks to its innovative design and widened mesh for enhanced ventilation and comfort.

  • It maintains a cool temperature inside for an extended period.

  • It features a breathable mesh design that offers excellent breathability.

  • It is equipped with a ventilation window and a pet entrance, providing ample airflow and easy access inside the backpack.

  • It is designed for easy and hygienic use.