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At ITE, we take pride in our diverse product line, meticulously designed to meet your unique storage and transportation needs. Whether you’re handling small-scale deliveries or large-scale freight operations, we have the perfect solution for you. Our comprehensive range of products ensures that your goods are well taken care of throughout the logistics journey.

But that’s not where it ends! We understand the importance of staying connected and informed in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why we offer enhanced monitoring capabilities that provide real-time tracking and temperature recording for your shipments. With this advanced feature, you can have complete visibility and control over your goods, no matter their location around the globe.

Our logistics solutions are specifically crafted to cater to the needs of various industries. From pharmaceuticals and medical products to meat and fresh food, we ensure the safe transportation of your valuable cargo over long distances and through last-mile delivery. Our solutions are optimized for air, rail, ship, and land transportation, offering efficiency and security throughout the logistics process.

IceBattery® Technology

IceBattery® is a patented Japanese cold chain technology that revolutionizes temperature-controlled transportation. It extends constant temperature ranges from -35℃ to +25℃ and supports multiple temperature zones without using dry ice or active refrigeration. It is ideal for transporting perishable goods like food, vaccines, and organs, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Its versatility and sustainability make it a promising solution for the industry.

Product Line

IceBattery® Box

To keep your goods cool during transportation, simply place the frozen IceBattery® plates inside the provided cooling box. The IceBattery® plates are available in different sizes to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re transporting goods by air, land, or for last-mile delivery, IceBattery® is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and ensure product freshness throughout the journey.

IceBattery offers a diverse lineup of cooling boxes to cater to various needs. The available sizes range from 8L to 100L, providing flexibility for different storage and transportation requirements.

IceBattery® 1000L Cart

IceBattery1000L Cart

For large-scale product deliveries, we offer the IceBattery® 1000L and 500L carts. These carts are specifically designed to accommodate a significant volume of goods, ensuring efficient and secure transportation. By integrating the patented IceBattery® technology, these carts offer reliable and consistent cooling without the need for dry ice or active refrigeration. This eliminates the hassle and costs associated with traditional cooling methods, making it a cost-effective and sustainable option for cold chain logistics.

IceBattery® LD3 Container

IceBattery® LD3 containers provide an advanced solution for preserving blood, vaccines, and perishable goods during air freight transportation. The LD3 containers are specifically designed to meet the specifications of air freight transportation. IceBattery LD3 containers are equipped with the patented IceBattery technology, which enables them to maintain a consistent temperature range without the need for dry ice or active refrigeration. 

IceBattery® LD3 is a standardized size and shape for air cargo containers, widely used in the industry. IceBattery LD3 containers are compatible with standard air freight handling systems, making them easy to integrate into existing logistics operations.

IceBattery® Truck

IceBattery® truck offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for temperature-controlled delivery in land and last mile logistics. With IceBattery technology, the truck can achieve and maintain three different temperature ranges: Normal at +25°C, Chilled at -5°C, and Frozen at -18°C, all without relying on the truck’s engine power.

The ability to achieve multiple temperature ranges within the same truck provides flexibility for transporting various types of perishable goods simultaneously. This allows for optimized load consolidation and reduces the need for separate vehicles or compartments for different temperature requirements.

Please inform us of your preferred temperature and preservation time beforehand when you order. We can customize the IceBattery® box and truck to your specific requirements. Contact Us for more information.

Hybrid Solution

Our hybrid products offer the flexibility to work with or without electricity, providing reliable temperature control in various scenarios. Once the IceBattery® is fully frozen, it can maintain a constant temperature for an extended period, even without a continuous power supply. The frozen IceBattery® acts as a cold source, maintaining a consistent temperature within the designated range for an extended duration, minimizing the risk of spoilage or degradation of perishable products.

◆ IceBattery® 20F/40F Hybrid Container

IceBattery® 20F/40F hybrid container offers extended chilled temperature preservation for 90 to 144 hours without power. It eliminates the need to keep the power on during loading and unloading processes. With cost savings of 50% or more on operating expenses and a significant reduction of 70% to 80% in CO2 emissions, it presents an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution. Additionally, it maintains humidity levels and prolongs the freshness of perishable goods. Suitable for land, rail, and sea freight.

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◆ IceBattery® Hybrid Freezer

IceBattery® hybrid freezer, the ultimate solution for your temperature-controlled storage needs. With a wide temperature range of -40°C to 8°C, it provides the perfect environment for a variety of items.
We understand the importance of uninterrupted cooling, even during power outages. That’s why our hybrid freezer is designed to keep the temperature at -20°C for approximately 12 hours without electricity, ensuring the preservation of your valuable contents.

IceBattery deep freezer

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IoT Solution

IB-Trace® is an advanced temperature data logger designed to measure and record temperature and humidity data accurately. This versatile equipment supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese, and provides comprehensive reports in Excel and PDF formats.

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