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A collaboration between Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR) and “Innovation Thru Energy™” (ITE) from Japan. CONCOR, a Navratna Central

Innovation Thru Energy” (ITE) is providing boxes specifically designed for vaccines in various capacities: 11L, 16L, and 32L. These boxes

Introduced a cold box for vaccine delivery, and also supports delivery made by Moderna, which has exceeded 50 local governments.

“Improved vaccine transport! No power supply or dry ice needed! Temperature control method using Ice Battery®, a high-performance refrigerant, was

The morning edition of the Nikkei Shimbun was able to take it up. The article that ice battery is adopted

The Chemical Daily was able to take it up. The article that the refrigeration technology is a power supply-free for

ITE Co., Ltd. Today (July 1, 2019) begins to sell and evangelize new products, named “IceBattery® fresh”, as well as

IceBattery© was introduced in an article, – a revolution breaks out on cold chain logistics carries medicine and food to