The IceBattery® system now offers enhanced monitoring capabilities, allowing continuous tracking and temperature recording of transported goods worldwide. By incorporating a network-connected temperature sensor into the analog hardware of the IceBattery, real-time data can be securely stored on a server and conveniently accessed via a web browser. This innovative solution eliminates the need for cumbersome manual record-keeping and storage, making it easier than ever to implement traceability for food and pharmaceutical products.

The IB-trace service extends its connectivity to various applications, including long-distance shipping containers, distribution centers, warehouses, retail showcases, and moving vehicles. It provides three types of services:

⇀IB-Trace Global,
⇀IB-Trace Wireless, 
⇀IB-Trace BLE

⇀IB-Trace Global

IoT Sensor and Global SIM Integrated

This advanced system empowers customers to monitor a comprehensive set of 12 parameters, including location, temperature, opening/closing, and shock detection, among others. With a dedicated screen, users can conveniently access real-time data and insights during long-distance transportation on a global scale.

Temperature Sensor Module

Feature & Customer Screen

Available in Countries
Equipped with Parameters
12 Parameters
Map & Temperature
Shock Detection & Light / Opening & Closing

⇀IB-Trace Wireless

IoT Sensor and Global SIM Integrated

System utilizes a temperature sensor and gateway for accurate temperature control tracking in Wi-Fi connected areas like distribution warehouses and retail showcases. Real-time temperature data is displayed on a dedicated screen and accessible through smartphones, ensuring efficient monitoring and preservation of goods.


The gateway in system is connected to IoT sensors, which capture thermal data and upload it to the cloud. This enables real-time monitoring of temperature and generation of comprehensive reports, both in the present and retrospectively.

IoT Temperature Sensor

By connecting to the gateway, you can easily access real-time and past temperature (humidity) readings. This data is accessible through our cloud service within the range of a Wi-Fi network, typically about 100 meters.

Customer Screen

Data collected from IoT sensors can be viewed in a web application on a PC, smartphone, or tablet.


Alert Setting

Get email alerts for temperature fluctuations to stay informed and take immediate action.


No more report creation necessary - streamline your process and save time.

High Performance

Monitor both temperature and humidity effortlessly with ease.


Leave the initial settings and installation to our competent staff.

⇀IB-Trace BLE

System enables you to connect a temperature logger to your smartphone via Bluetooth, providing real-time monitoring of the temperature inside the cargo compartment of a transport vehicle. Using our dedicated app, you can easily access and track the temperature data with convenience and accuracy.