You are currently viewing CONCOR Launches New Temperature Controlled Cold Chain Systems called IceBattery™ Express

CONCOR、温度制御型コールドチェーンシステム「IceBattery™ Express」を新発売

A collaboration between Container Corporation of India Limited (CONCOR) and “Innovation Thru Energy™” (ITE) from Japan. CONCOR, a Navratna Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, is a prominent multimodal logistics company in India.

The partnership between CONCOR and ITE aims to introduce IceBattery®, a passive cold chain technology, to the Indian markets. IceBattery® technology developed by ITE that enables the passive storage and transport of temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishable items and pharmaceuticals, without the need for active refrigeration.

This collaboration could have significant implications for the Indian logistics industry, as passive cold chain technologies offer more energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions compared to traditional active refrigeration systems. By leveraging IceBattery®, CONCOR may enhance its capabilities in providing efficient and reliable cold chain logistics services across the country.