IceBattery® Insulation

“IceBattery® Insulation” is a unique paint that can provide strong insulation effect just by painting it. Through its unique ability to reflect, absorb, and block heat and thermal energy, IceBattery® Insulation not only ensures a more comfortable and sustainable environment but also significantly reduces energy consumption and reduces energy costs. It can sustain its durability against outdoor weather for more than 15 years. 

IceBattery® Insulation Benefits

IceBattery Insulation: Your Solution for Fire Safety, Climate Resilience, and Energy Efficiency

In the face of today’s most critical challenges, such as fire safety, climate change, and energy conservation, IceBattery Insulation offers a versatile and unique solution.

Enhanced Fire Safety

IceBattery Insulation provides a defense against fires, featuring incombustible properties that create a protective shield for structures. This feature reduces the risk of rapid flame spread, providing vital time for emergency response.

Climate Change Mitigation

IceBattery Insulation plays its part by optimizing temperature control, reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint, a significant step in our battle against climate change.

Efficient Energy Use

IceBattery Insulation maintains comfortable indoor temperatures in extreme weather while significantly reducing power consumption, resulting in substantial energy savings of 20-30% for a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

In essence, IceBattery Insulation serves as a versatile and indispensable technology, aligning with our commitment to creating a safer, more sustainable world. Contact us to know how it can benefit your projects and contribute to a better future.

What IceBattery® Insulation can do?

1. Non-Flammable

IceBattery Insulation is classified as “incombustible” which is the highest rank for fire resistance, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. This means it offers a high level of protection against fires.

“IceBattery Insulation” is certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) in accordance with UL723 standard test for surface burning characteristics of building materials.

It also complies with safety standard of NFPA 255 and ASTM E84.

  • UL723 (Underwriters Laboratories)  Standard Test (Class A)
  • NFPA 255 (National Fire Protection Association)
  • ASTM E84 (America Society for Testing and Materials)

2. Heat Shield

 IceBattery Insulation is a multi-ceramic cluster layer formed by coating and more than 75% of it’s membrane is composed of ceramic itself. Unlike regular insulation paint, which relies on solar reflectance, IceBattery Insulation possesses unique thermal properties, emitting far-infrared radiation independently of sunlight exposure. This radiation is emitted close to the surface, preventing heat accumulation, and its low thermal effusivity makes it challenging for the surface to absorb heat.


3. Heat/Cold Retention

Icebattery Insulation ultra-thin 0.5mm ceramic coating acts as a barrier, providing insulation against both cold air and heat loss in the house. It not only prevents heat/cold loss but also converts it into far-infrared radiation, creating a warmer/colder feeling despite the actual temperature.


4. Sound Proofing

Icebattery Insulation multi-ceramic cluster layers provide efficient sound deadening, reducing noise levels by approximately 4 to 10 decibels through the repeated refraction of sound energy within their hollow ceramic beads.


5. Dew Proofing

The primary cause of condensation is heat transfer driven by temperature differences within a structure. Coating Icebattery insulation on walls and ceilings reduces these temperature differences, minimizing heat transfer and, consequently, decreasing the likelihood of condensation.


6. High Durability

IceBattery Insulation features multiple ceramic layers that offer exceptional resistance to ultraviolet rays, resulting in a coating that lasts 2 to 3 times longer than standard paint. It can sustain its durability against outdoor weather for more than 15 years. 


7. Air Quality Improvement

IceBattery Insulation emits far-infrared radiation that interacts with humidity, breaking water molecules into fine particles. These particles become negatively charged, creating “Negative Ions.” This prevents airborne contaminants from lingering in the air, contributing to improved air quality.

The static electricity of “IceBattery Insulation” is “0.0V”,  this prevent dust and odors from sticking to the walls and ceiling.


IceBattery® Insulation Applications

IceBattery Insulation is a versatile solution that can be applied to a wide range of objects and structures, including houses, buildings, water tanks, warehouses, buses, military tanks, tin roofs, pathways, hospital roofs, and many more. Its adaptability makes it a valuable choice for various applications. In addition, with our IoT sensor technology, you can monitor temperatures remotely from anywhere, providing real-time temperature control and peace of mind.