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Just as we are subjects of actions and decisions taken by our predecessors, our future generations will be directly affected by how we treat the environment. With the high-paced technological advancements of today, we must be evermore mindful of what we are leaving behind for future people. We believe it is our responsibility and duty to ensure the necessities of life for future people including clean air, clear water, and sufficient energy resources.

As our first step, we have developed the IceBattery System (IBS) which will address the energy conservation and environmental issues we face today. This system will also provide an unparalleled effectiveness in maintaining constant temperatures, support multiple temperatures without a constant energy supply.

CSR - Corporate social responsibility

"Japan was used to be a samurai country. Samurai was always prepared to pay for one's cause as a result of his act.
I had a good opportunity to start my company here in Japan and got to know there still exists Samurai in business society. Our company's policy is "Just for people". We'd like to live out our karma doing everything for people, secondly always give our customers great impressing and happiness."

Pankaji Garg


IceBattery co.,Ltd

1 Support for persons with disabilities

ITE company provides supports to GOKIGEN FARM to help persons with disabilities be independent.

“I think that there must be significant meaning of life for a child born with a disorder. Disabled people should find their true vocation, be alight with joy by way of touching the ground, producing crops. God is always beside them. Fruits and vegetables produced by that kind of person are full of positive energy, and delivering such products to customers, we hope, would encourage Japanese society."

2 Offer aid for reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas

Our company provide continuous support such as SmilePJ in cooperation with local government in affected area.

"After 3.11 disaster, Japanese consciousnesses seems completely changed. Instead, new way of thinking and living comes out to our minds. Nothing is as precious as our lives. Food, pure water and environment as well. We came to know what are the most important things for us. Now, it is our responsibilities to save limited resources and restore environment, and then pass down safety world for our children after restoring environment."

Drawn by Pankaji Garg

3 Support development cooperation activities for next generation

Our company tries to have as many opportunities as we can to interact with young people who take a leading role in creating new business and next generation at educational institutes including University of Tsukuba, Kyushu University, private preparatory schools.

“Our children and young generations are our future.”

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