Logistic solutions toward various temperature transits

Realization of cold chain system with IceBattery

1 Multi Temperature, Scalable size cold chain Logistic solutions

In IceBattery system, the multi temperature product can be delivered by ordinary containers and tracks.
It eliminated the needs of refrigerated truck and replaced by normal truck. It is estimated to reduce running cost the comprises gasoline, maintenance and initial cost by 50-70% compared with refrigerated trucks.
*Depends on gasoline price

There are following benefits of installing IceBattery in truck transportation

  • Refrigerator/freezer trucks are not needed
  • Dry ice(emits CO2) is not needed
  • Enable to load small & compact cargo to a truck, which improves carrying efficiency
  • Enable to maintain constant humidity
  • Enable to lessen the frequency of delivery
  • Enable to reduce initial costs (in case using IceBattery Systems)

2 IceBattery is available for all cargo transportation

IceBattery can be used by any transportation, such as track, rail, air or sea. You can take a cooler box in with IceBatteryre refrigerant plate(s) inside the box, then carry them any where.

In case of truck, use cart type

In case of cargo train, boat, use 12/20 feet container

In case of air cargo, use air container

We'd be glad to customize/develop your own delivery container or truck to meet your demands as well as providing IceBattery product. We provide IceBattery truck as well. For more details, please ask.


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