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Features of
IceBattery System

Solution 1

It can keep certain temperatures and humidity for long periods of time.

When the quality refrigerant (IceBattery®) is frozen in a freezer for 10 – 12 hours and is transported in the designated cool boxes, it is possible to maintain the same level of temperature which is pre-set by us, for a longer time of period.

  • Maintain Constant Temperature for up to 190 Hours
  • IceBattery System Capable of supporting multiple temperature range from -25C to +25
  • Constant Temperature is still retained even by frequent Opening and closing of IceBattery Box Lid
  • Temperature Retention Time can be extended by increasing number of IceBattery Plates
  • Maintain Humidity from 80%-90% which is best suitable for perishable products
Solution 2

It can greatly cut down the logistics distribution costs.

The plate of IceBattery® can be re-used for min. 2,200 times.

  • Icebattery System is best Substitute for Refrigerated Truck
  • Good Substitute for dry ice in Cold Chain Logistics and thus Environmental Friendly
  • User Friendly Operation Mechanism with IceBattery System
  • Frozen Condition of IceBattery Plates can be easily seen by naked eyes
Solution 3

Our system reduces CO2 and is environmental friendly.

IceBattery® reduces the time spent on dry ice and freezing and the workload for the truck drivers’ loading it.   With the features of IceBattery®, it will cut the CO2 and proposing the new alternative ways;  1. IceBattery® is the good replacement of refrigerators.  2. It replaces dry ice in the cold chain, implying eco-friendly.