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1 High-performance refrigerant plate(Icebattery)

  • Maintain constant temperature for a specified period of time
  • Maintain constant humidity under cold environment
  • Opening and closing doors hardly affect the temperature nor the level of humidity
  • IceBattery refrigerant plates can be used for approximately 2200 times
  • IceBattery systems supports multiple temprature as each temprature is represented by unquiely define color plate

IceBattery products are also available for lease rent.

Temperature range

Table showed below, we summarized preservation capabilities of the different type of products under the most suitable temperature range.

*Preservation temperature can be set by choosing of the IceBattery with most suitable range

*Preservation time can be set by the number of the IceBattery

Best temperature and humidity for to keep vegetables fresh


There are 3 types of the IceBattery as below.

Type Depth Width Thickness Weight
A3 42 30 3.5 3000g
A4 30 21 3.5 1500g
A5 21 15 3.5 790g
→Test result on constant cold temperature

2 IceBattery Insulation Box

This Insulation box is designed for the best performance to match with the IceBattery.
You can specify both the number of the refrigerant plates you use and cold temperature preservation time previously

IceBattery Box Type and Performance

IceBattery box spec

*Respective temperature shows product temperature.

*As showed in the table above, when use of 16L box, the system maintains constant chilled temperature with one plate for +5C for 16hours.

*Internal volume of 16L box is 15.6L.

IceBattery Box Size

IceBattery Box
Type Inside dimensions Outside dimensions
8L 17x24x19 25x32x27
16L 23x32x25 31x40x33
32L 32x45x26 40x53x36
64L 33x54x38 43x64x48

Please inform us of your preferred temperature, preservation time beforehand when you order our products.

*You may ask to customize the cool box to your specific need.

For more details, please ask.


3 Roll Box Palette Purpose Built IceBattery(IceBattery cart)

Icebattery cart

In case you need larger container to delivery large amount of products, we provide roll box palette, designed for best performance for the IceBattery.

  • Use vacuum insulation panel
  • High-functional desigh for cold storage

Performance test of Icebattery

Performance test of Icebattery



Volume 510L
Weight 50-80kg
Inside dimensions W55cm x D76cm x H126cm
Outer dimensions W65cm x D86cm x H136cm

*Besides the standard products, you may ask to customize the cart to your specific need.

For more details, please ask.


Cooling Capability

Refrigerated(product temperature) 5C Approximately 24hours
(with 8 plates of Icebattery)
Refrigerated(product temperature) -18C Approximately 8hours
(with 8 plates of Icebattery)

*ambient temperature 35C

4 Data Loggers & Data Acquisition Systems (IB Trace)

IB Trace is data Loggers and acquisition system, and the most comprehensive product as a data logging equipment available anywhere with high performance to obtain real-time data. They are critical to succeeding in strict temperature management in logistic and IceBattery products.


  • Portable design with high performance
  • Simple operation and high accuracy
  • Long-lived battery(lasts 5 years)
  • Displays residual quantity of battery
  • Available in English, Japanese and Chinese
  • Able to export data into Excel,PDF or a graph

Expected improvement after installing IceBattery

  • Effective & strict temperature control may reduce total running cost
  • Improve temperature management quality
  • Gathering all data collected from shipping through delivery to the end
  • Analyzing obtained data and utilize the result on-site
  • Easy to detect whereas and when's in case an error occurs
  • Easy operation with high performance

For more details, please ask.


5 Customize your device, automobile with our designs

IceBattery provides one-stop services for all your necessity&desire in logistic.

For customers who expect to start with less initial investment costs,looking for better solution for delivery or in case you are unable to find the perfect freezer, refrigerator, we propose all of your needs covered with customization.

We also provides purpose-built automotive Logistics (IceBattery truck) .It is a Japanese mini sized truck. Bigger type of truck, equipment may be customized as well to meet your request.

For more details, consultation, please ask.

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