Industrial Solutions

IceBattery Ensures Strategic Temperature Management

1 Logistics Industry (Retail, Distribution etc)

In IceBattery system, the materials can be delivered by ordinary containers and trucks.
The electricity to cool trucks and containers is not necessary any more. It is estimated to reduce running including gasoline expense, maintenance costs, etc. by 50-70% compared with refrigerated/freezer tracks depending on gasoline price.
Also Running Cost is reduced when traditional Dry ice is replaced with IceBattery refrigerant plate.
There are following benefits of installing IceBattery in truck transportation

  • IceBattery refrigetant plate enables various temperature transits, therefore can deliver frozen food, refrigerated food and even non-refrigerated food all together in one normal truck.
  • Refrigerator/freezer trucks are not needed
  • Electricity costs for refrigerator/freezer trucks are saved
  • Dry ice(emits CO2) is not needed
  • Enable to load small and compact cargo to a truck, minimizing empty spaces, which improves carrying efficiency
  • Enable to maintain constant humidity
  • Enable to lessen the frequency of delivery
  • Enable to reduce initial costs (in case you rent IceBattery plate)


Able to reduce running costs by replacing traditional dry ice with IceBattery refrigerant plate. IceBattery products are available on rental basis to minimize the initial costs.

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2 Pharmaceutical industry (Medical/Chemical)

Expected effectiveness after introducing IceBattery system

1 Enables to transport sensitive products at the most suitable temperature in the best storage condition for each product until delivered. They are not frozen or solidified excessively.

Normal temperature
Normal temperature
Frozen blood
Frozen blood
+15C to +25C +2C to +8C -20C to 25C -25C to -30C

2 IB Trace ensures strict temperature management to obtain real-time data of delivery products.

3 IceBattery cooler box provides best performance of preserving goods with constant temperature and humidity for a certain period of time .IceBattery box in the operation theater can be used for preservation of blood and body organs.

4 Icebattery produces less temperature change inside the box. It ensures to achieve the target temperature soon after the products is loading inside the box.

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Food industry (marine products, Agriculture and Livestock Industry)

Expected effectiveness after introducing IceBattery system

Ensure products delivery with maximum freshness

1 Enables to preserve perishable food at their most suitable temperature in the best condition for each product until delivered. They are not chilled excessively.

2 CO2 emitted from dry ice is harmful and causes deterioration of the quality of perishable food.

3 Enables to maintain constant temperature and humidity whatever is specified.

  • Green leafy vegetables are weak against dry storage temperature inside the cooler box and easy to be wilt from lack of humidity. Ordinary refrigerators remove too much moisture and that why they dry out.
  • IceBattery system maintains proper temperature and humidity(90-100%) during transport all the way through.

4 Icing fishes with crushed ice is the traditional way to keep the products fresh during delivery, however water of melted ice is likely to damage the quality and discolor the skin of the fishes. IceBattery can maintain frozen in best condition and keep fishes lively as long as you specified.

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