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The IceBattery®

Jacket Capability &
Competitive advantages


IceBattery® Cool Jacket key features are:

The ability to maintain low temperature (20 ̊C ~ 25 ̊C) constantly for more than 4 hours under a 30 ̊C outside temperature.

  • The Jacket is a one-size fit and unisex.
  • The Icebattery® cool jacket can be positioned and adjusted easily and quickly.
  • The product is light (870 grams) and is comfortable to wear.
  • The Icebattery® jacket can be easily frozen using a household refrigerator. (Re-useable)


The IceBattery®

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Icebattery Fresh

How to Use

It continues 15℃ for 2hours under 35℃. It is helpful for fever, icing for sports or heat stroke measure. Just palm cooling supports your lack of sleep too. How to use

  1. Cool for 10 hours in the freezer
  2. Cool AVA (palm, cheeks and sole of foot frequently (one time in 5~10 minutes
  3. When you feel hot, dull or tired, cool other parts of the body