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In case of Agricultural Product Company

Customer’s Request

We preserve agricultural products in a refrigerator after harvesting. In case of fragile vegetable and fruit such as peach or spinach, we treat them very carefully, however, they are easy to get discolored,lose moistur, end result is freezer burn.
Is there anything you can do to ensure maximum freshness during storage in the fridge?

Our Suggestion

Freezer burn is a condition that occurs when frozen food has been damaged by dehydration and oxidation, due to air reaching the food. It is generally induced by substandard (non-airtight) packaging.
IceBattery can maintain constant temperature and humidity for a certain period of time under the most suitable storage condition for each product. Of cause, its fresh appearance, nutritive value, even content of moisture can be kept as they are when harvested.

Below showed is a before/after peach that has been stored in normal refrigerator for 15 days.

By using with IceBattery, we made another experiment to preserve a peach for 44 days. If you are interested, please Contact us.

In case of Rail Tansport Systems

Customer’s request

One of our services on a train, we serve passengers ice-cream to enjoy their travel. However, ice-cream shipped with dry ice become too icy and lose its smooth texture

Our Suggestion

Utilizing a combination of IceBattery plate and box to store ice-cream may enable to keep ice-cream not too solid but still favorable state. You don't need dry ice.

In Case of Pharmaceutical and Medical Related Company

Customer’s Request 1

We need to carry a chilled organ, tissue, blood and ethical drug from refrigerator to operation room by using some compact refrigerator capable of preserving above content at a suitable constant temperature so that they are not frozen or solid excessively. If possible, we also want to leave the refrigerator as a container during operation.

Our Suggestion

The IceBattery is used to preserve high-performance + prepared organs, blood products, etc. which needs careful handling and also need constant temperature and humidity for a certain period of time. It is a best suitable storage condition for each product for up to 72 hours. The closing and opening lid of IceBattery Box hardly affect the temperature nor the level of humidity at all.

Customer’s Request 2

Do you have any methods of transporting to carry both very sensitive products such as ethical drugs which needs careful temperature management and non-refrigerated materials such as syringes or documents all in one truck?

Our suggestion

IceBattery system can set up your desired temperature for each box separately.
In short, you may combine multiple boxes with different temperature and to carry frozen product, refrigerated or/and non-refrigerated materials all in one common carrier truck.

Case studies

In Case of Logistics Company

Customer’s request 1

As our delivery goods are all different in size, we need to find a efficient and effective way to carry them at a time.

Our suggestion

We'd be glad to customize/develop your own delivery box to meet your demands as well as providing IceBattery box&cart product.

Customer’s request 2

We require portable handy refrigerator so that our staff can deliver them by hand to customer. If possible, we want to print our company logo on the box. We expect it to be a eye-catching ads.

Our suggestion

We provide compact type IceBattery box as well.And all our products can be customized with your company logo on your request.

Customer’s request 3

We have been used dry ice to keep delivery products frozen , which became our concern that CO2 emissions from dry ice do harm to delivery staff’s health. We worry about dry ice burns, too. Do you suggest more safety way to treat during delivery?

Our suggestion

Dry ice releases carbon dioxide gas which can build up enough pressure to rupture the packaging. You must ensure the packaging you use allows the release of this pressure to prevent rupturing the package. For example, do not use steel drums or jerricans as outer packaging, and do not place dry ice within sealed plastic bags.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. If you don't take the proper handling and precautions with dry ice, it may cause burns similar to frostbite. You must handle dry ice with special care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it. IceBattery uses special cooling jel inside its plate to freeze materials in a safe way and does not emit carbon dioxide. Of course, you do not need to worry about ice burns.

Customer’s request 4

We plan to expand our business to refrigerated products as well as ordinary temperature products. Do you have any recommendation to reduce initial cost?

Our suggestion

We propose to replace existing freezer truck and refrigerator truck by a common carrier truck (no-refrigeration).

In short, the common carrier truck using the IceBattery system can carry frozen food, refrigerated food and nonperishable food all in one truck. In addition to this, the IceBattery system can maintain constant temperature for a certain period of time. In the current existing traditional system of making local deliveries with refrigerator or freezer trucks, both types of trucks need special insulation and a compressor to maintain a safe temperature range for the food that they are carrying. The additional cost of the fuel to run the traditional system vs. a common carrier (non refrigerated truck) is roughly 35% higher.
In addition to this the overall cost of running a common carrier truck vs. the refrigerator or freezer truck is +50% less.

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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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Over 100 companies in a variety of Japanese industries as below use our product

1 Airline company

2 Logistic company of refrigerated, frozen and fresh food

3 Shipping company

4 Railroad company

5 Foods maker(ice-cream maker, etc), Food-chain maker

6 Medical company(R&D, wholesaler of medical materials, blood-stocks&management, etc)

7 Pharmaceutical company

8 Agricultural product company

9 Mobile stores



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