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3 Features of IceBattery System

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1. It can keep certain temperatures and humidity for long periods of time.

The IceBattery system can maintain constant temperature and humidity for up to 190 hours even with frequent openings of the door of the box or cart.

→Maintain Constant Temperature for up to 190 Hours

→IceBattery System Capable of supporting multiple temperature range from -25C to +25

→-Constant Temperature is still retained even by frequent Opening and closing of IceBattery Box Lid

→Temperature Retention Time can be extended by increasing number of IceBattery Plates

→Maintain Humidity from 80%-90% which is best suitable for perishable products

2. It can greatly cut down the logistics distribution costs.

The IceBattery takes 10 to 12 hours to change,then they are placed in the IceBattery box or cart along with the customer's products.Our system can work at any temperature between -25c to +25.The IceBattery plates can be recharged continuously for up to 2,200 times.

→Icebattery System is best Substitute for Refrigerated Truck

→Good Substitute for DryIce in Cold Chain Logistics and thus Environmental Friendly

→User Friendly Operation Mechanism with IceBattery System

→Frozen Condition of IceBattery Plates can be easily seen by naked eyes

3. Our system reduces CO2 and is environmentally friendly.

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