Corporate outline

President Greeting

Pankaji Garg
IceBattery co.,Ltd

Mankind needs pure air and energy to live healthy lives. Our ancestors understood the delicate balance between man and nature. Since the industrial revolution, mankind has distracted himself from the delicate balance that existed for eons. The use of the Earth's natural resources has increased substantially in the last 50 years. As the population grows and there are more people to consume more resources, the environment is being put under extreme pressure. Current levels of global consumption are unsustainable, that is, they will not be able to continue to provide for today's population and future generations. People are using more resources than the Earth can provide and are not giving the planet the chance to renew itself

Almost all the high tech companies focusing on CE, IT, semiconductors, automobiles etc. that bring mankind an improvement on the quality of life in today's world are sacrificing the future generations wellbeing by not committing enough effort to fight problems of pollution and using the earth's resources in a responsible manner.
All mankind has a responsibility to do their part to contribute to the health of the planet that ensures we have pure air and water and adequate energy to serve our daily needs and the requirements of future generations. Understanding that our planet is under duress of our own doing, we decided to create IceBattery co.,Ltd.
Our company's focus is on energy savings. IceBattery co.,Ltd. wil try to bring the world's best technology and know-how to make the most effective use of energy and natural resources in products that will have high value propositions for the company, investors, customers and the environment. IceBattery co.,Ltd. believes that the cornerstone of taking steps in the right direction starts with creating products from the intelligent Preservation System, IceBattery system. A technology that could change the world for the better. Explore our web site and learn more about this wonderful and disruptive technology.

Company information

Company name Innovation thru Energy Co.,Ltd.
Affiliate IceBattery Co.,Ltd
CEO President & CEO
Established December 15, 2014
Capital 10 million yen
Head Office Shin-Marunouchi Building 10F,1-5-1,Marunouchi,
Call: 03-6206-3101 Fax:03-6206-3102
Our banking Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.,Kyobashi branch
Organization Chart President & CEO Pankaj Kumar Garg
Director Jerry Tsai President in Taiwan
Director Hiroshi Hino
Executive Advisor Yoshiharu Yamaguchi
Business Lines
Developing and sales of energy saving products
Developing and sales of energy saving computer softwares
Consulting and marketing, rental&lease business of above products&softwares

Innovation Thru Energy Co Ltd.(capitalized at 30 million yen)

Shin-Marunouchi Building 10F,1-5-1,Marunouchi,
Call: 03-6206-3101 Fax:03-6206-3102

Taiwan ITE Co.Ltd (capitalized at 20 million yen) 

5F No 112, Jhongshan N.Rd, Taipei 104 Taiwan

IceBattery LLP (ITE - Innovation Thru Energy Co Ltd. India Office

906, B Block, Naurang House, 21, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India -110001, LL - +91-11-43603903

Our concept

As our first step, we have developed the IceBattery System (IBS) which will address the energy conservation and environmental issues we are face today. This system will also provide an unparalleled effectiveness in maintaining constant temperatures, supporting multiple temperatures. With IceBattery System we do not need constant energy supply. We are working for the following missions.

  • For Environment
  • For our Future Generation
  • For our Society

Just as we are subject to the actions and decisions taken by our predecessors, our future generations will be directly affected by how we treat the environment. With the high-paced technological advancements of today, we must be evermore mindful of what we are leaving behind for future people. We believe it is our responsibility and duty to ensure the necessities of life for future people including clean air, clear water, and sufficient energy resources.

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Management Team

Pankaj Garg

More than 22 Years of experience in applied R&D, strategic marketing and business development in IT, CE, semiconductor & automotive arena. He had worked for 9 years for Intel as Global Worldwide Sr. Strategic Manager, successfully achieved global standard technologies also had a good exposure of global market of USA, Europe, Asia pacific and Japan.
He owns several patents and is a member of IEEE. BS (Computer Science) from India, MBA from Fox School of Business USA.
He has been in Japan for over 20 years and fluent in Japanese.

1988-1990 Kobe Steel Ltd, engaged in software engineering/development.

1990-1994 Yasukawa Electric Co Ltd, engaged in R&D engineering/development.

1994 Cirrus Logic engaged in software engineering/development, product marketing.

1999-2007 Intel as Global Worldwide Sr. Strategic Manager, achieved 80% market share of integrated tip set graphic product.

2007 VIASPACE as business development marketing CEO. VIASPACE is a company independent of NASA, dealing mainly NASA products.

2007 Established Innovation Thru Energy Co Ltd.、became president and CEO.

2014 Established IceBattery co.,Ltd.

Yoshiharu Yamaguchi
Executive Advisor

He was born in Fukui Prefecture in 1943, graduated from Nippon Sport Science University. Since after joined Japan national rugby team from 1967, he had been active as an excellent kicker through to the end. In 1981, he became the coach of Fushimi Industrial High School rugby team, which was unknown at that time, and led the team to victory only after 6 years at the school.He is also a goot writer and published many books.
Pankaj Garg maintains a close friendship with him for over 20 years.

Jerry Tsai
President of Taiwan

More than 15 Years of Sales and Marketing and Business Development experience in hardware, CE and Semiconductor arena. Currently he is the Product Sales Manager for Meiloon Industrial Company. He launched and managed world first 5.1 wireless speaker systems into the consumer electronics market. BS (Manufacturing Engineering & Management skill), he is also an MBA (Yuan Ze University)

Gary Miller
President of USA ITE LLC and Board of Director

More than 17 years of experience in International Sales, Marketing and Business Development in energy, semiconductor, CE and food industries. Currently he is working for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation as Vice President of Global Sales and Business Development. He has worked as the Chief Consultant of Business Development for Grant County, Washington, and was also the consultant for Motorola Libertyville for brand licensing in Asia. Other positions include Sales Director in Asia for Universal Electronic Inc. & Sales Manager for Tokai Bussan Company.
He is BA in Economics from University of California at Irvine, MBA, and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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